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Soul Searching

This past weekend has been like a roller coaster for me. Literally. My emotions went up and down, up and down, then up again. I’d like to say it ended up in the ‘up’ section. I’m so grateful to be with a company that allows me to attend these classes for free and for me to experience what it’s like to actually be living. For those who don’t know, the Landmark Forum is a 3.5 day conference that allows you to improve the quality of your life. Sounds cheesy, I know. But the bottom line is, it works.

I’ve never felt so confident as I have in the past 21 years of my existence. I’ve created great relationships, sustained the good ones, and even made my good ones into better ones. But most importantly, I realized how to be me, authentically. The possibility I’ve invented for myself and for my life is the possibility to be 100% me, authentically. I choose me, because I choose me. No one else is me and I can’t be anyone else. That was my biggest take away this weekend. For some, it sounds like an easy task. But I can honestly say, I’m happy with who I am and I have no insecurities with myself. Almost everyone I know always say ‘family’ when asked what their core values are in life. But how many times have you actually told your parents how much you loved them? How often do you spend time with them? This weekend, I called them and told them how much I loved them and that they are doing an A+ job at being parents. Needless to say, I cried. But it felt so amazing to know that my parents deserve to know what a great job they’re doing and that they actually know it. Through this, I’ve built my integrity and made a promise to myself to keep that integrity. I want my integrity to show through and to be what I’m remembered for.

This isn’t a promotional post or anything, but I really just wanted to share with everyone my learnings and breakthroughs this past weekend. It’s amazing how much you discover about yourself when you put a little work in to yourself. Learn to love yourself. Wherever you are, be there and be present. Take everything as is and don’t sweat the little things in life. From these take aways, I can truly say I’m really living my life in the present and in action now.

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Tuesday Mar 3 @ 12:46am
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